The Uniqueness of Poured Terrazzo Flooring Tiles

One age-long myth of terrazzo flooring is that it is far too costly as a residential flooring material. A clear fact is that those who stand on this myth fail to consider the overall cost-benefit of installing terrazzo tiles. You will hardly view any other flooring option when you see how much value you derive from terrazzo flooring. Even for your home, terrazzo tiles work irrespective of your budget.

In other words, many people fail to consider the overall benefits and practicality of installing terrazzo tiles. When you put all these factors together, it becomes clear that poured terrazzo flooring tiles are more durable and sustainable towards cost-effectiveness. Also, a straightforward way to show this uniqueness is to examine the specific qualities this flooring material has.

Longevity and cost-effectiveness

Pouring terrazzo flooring tiles into the surface structure can make it last for a reasonably long time. This method comes with a proper maintenance culture while accommodating excellent upkeep. In the case of building high-level structures, terrazzo flooring can provide an optimized building architecture. 

You can also save much money when you save it over time due to the pouring process of terrazzo. This same method allows the terrazzo tiles to maintain their luster and strength, just as if they were just a newly installed flooring system. In addition, considering the value of the terrazzo flooring, it allows the builders to cut down significantly on their labor and demolition costs.

When they choose the terrazzo tiles as their flooring pattern, it comes with an extreme level of advantages for those who intend to build a lasting edifice. Notably, anyone may also be looking for an avenue to simply change the floors or make some minor additions to an existing structure. In such a case, the terrazzo tiles can sufficiently come to the rescue.

Low maintenance and minimal upkeep cost

Unlike other flooring systems standards with residential, industrial, and commercial structures, installing terrazzo tiles has a tremendously low maintenance cost. When it comes to maintaining these poured terrazzo flooring tiles, it takes one of the simplest and cost-effective ways. For instance, all you need are the essential cleaning tools to restore the terrazzo tiles. You can check some essential cleaning tools at

For example, you only need a bucket of warm water, a mop, and any pH-neutral cleaning solution. That’s all. Meanwhile, this process is not tedious. You don’t need any heavy machine or a complex and expensive cleaning solution to do the job. As you clean the surface by mopping, you can deal with most of the drop-offs and specks of dirt that can hardly stain the floor. 

You can once again have the lustrous finish at the end of the cleaning process through simple buffing and applying soft clothing. Sweeping can also help you remove any dirt or dust that may litter the surface. If a spilled drink appears as a stain, use warm soapy water and buff dry that surface. Generally, terrazzo floors hardly have any wet paint that cannot be removed.

The health and safety values of terrazzo tiles

One of the most critical applications on the terrazzo flooring tiles is the application of an anti-slip finish on the poured terrazzo surface. This solution happens to be the safest flooring finish for the surface in both residential and commercial places. You can apply it to surfaces in hospitals, educational institutions, shopping, airports, and hotels. 

The poured terrazzo flooring system can also guarantee everyone who uses this surface for their daily walk. Apply this unique anti-slip finish means you don’t have to continually wax these poured terrazzo flooring before it maintains its shine. The solution can prevent anyone walking on these surfaces from slipping or falling. 

A blend of terrazzo tiles design and function

When you factor in both the fact that pouring terrazzo flooring on the desired surface allows creativity and maximum function, you can understand the value of this flooring material. Choosing between the process and design over the cost becomes much more accessible. Meanwhile, don’t forget that the terrazzo tiles design can match the overall outlook of the surrounding. 

In other words, you can blend in several factors such as strength, sustainability, function into the overall design and produce stunning output. So, the overall value of installing terrazzo this way minimizes the higher cost you pay above other flooring materials. No doubt, the poured terrazzo flooring remains one of the best flooring options in construction finishing. 

In other words, you also deal with the worries of constant repair and replacement that comes with alternative flooring systems. Only that you need to ensure that you do the pouring of terrazzo tiles rightly and, if need be, get a professional to do the job. 

What the statistics say about Terrazzo Flooring Costs

The cost of materials in finishing a construction project such as flooring depends on the region of use or location. But then. In this case, we want to compare the cost of flooring with terrazzo tiles with the traditional flooring systems. 

We can compare the epoxy terrazzo with sand cushion terrazzo and monolithic terrazzo bed. We will discover that epoxy terrazzo has the least total cost per square foot. However, it also has the least annual cost of maintenance. All three can also last for at least 40 years. 

By comparison, the other flooring options that cost far less to install are vinyl sheet, vinyl tile, carpet, porcelain tile, and quarry tile. Despite these alternative flooring systems having a low installation cost, they cost far beyond the initial repair or reinstallation.

For example, the vinyl materials and carpet can only last for 10 years and require almost 30 times the installation cost. 


On a final note, the uniqueness of using poured terrazzo flooring tiles is now apparent to all. Terrazzo tiles, also known as the Venetian mosaic, are the real deal for flooring structures to get excellent effectiveness. Check out some of the terrazzo tiles designs we have in stock. Then, we are always online to answer any question that you may have.